Dialogue Collective

Dialogue Collective was formed by a London based group of artists with a background in jewellery and silversmithing. The Collective has presented twelve events to date.

A changing group of artists participate in each event, as well as invited guests, all of whom have a connection to London Metropolitan University aka The Cass.

The remit is to develop different and interesting ways to create and show jewellery and silversmithing through collaborative making and discussion. Also, to develop ways of bringing contemporary jewellery and objects to a wider audience. Previous exhibitions have been inspired by Delia Smith’s classic book “Complete Cookery Course” (Dialogue 3) and the Renaissance (Dialogue 12). Exhibitions have taken place on a Route Master bus (Dialogue 5) and in a working foundry in Munich at Schmuck (Dialogue 8, Dialogue X and Dialogue 12). The process has acted as a catalyst for many of it’s members to develop new ways of working within their own individual practices.